Hello and welcome to the dProjectOffice website!

dProjectOffice is a Drupal 6 Module aimed at helping Project Office staff and Project Managers to manage projects in a commercial organisation.

dProjectOffice has the following features:

  • Three Dashboards - for Project Office, Project Managers and an additional Reporting dashboard
  • Traffic light colours for Overall Project, Timescales, Budget and Scope
  • Period Reports, Milestones, Issues, Risks and Dependencies
  • Ring-fenced read-only period reports preventing Project Managers from rewriting history
  • Manual override from Project Office for editing historic period reports in special circumstances
  • Automated saving of period reports after reporting period cut-off - for example after last Friday of month
  • Project Manager updates 'working copy' of the period report during the reporting period, and has sole access
  • Configurable automated email reminders to be sent to Project Managers when period reports almost due
  • Project Office report showing a list of 'offending' Project Managers who failed to file period reports

For a more thorough walkthrough of all the features of dProjectOffice, please have a look at the screenshots.

dProjectOffice is commercial software - please read the license agreement, and refer to the pricing structure. To either buy the software, request further information on the support forum, or contact the team, please take a few seconds to register. *UPDATE* Due to an inordinate amount of spammers, it is no longer possible to register on this website. If you are really interested, you should go to badzilla.co.uk and register there then send a private message to badzilla. To prevent spam, no outgoing emails are possible.

Dashboards - annotations expanded in screenshots
Project Office Dashboard
Project Manager Dashboard
Report Dashboard
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